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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
first of all why is the principal allowing a non custodial parent to change schools and enroll the child.

second of all why isn't cas telling mom to leave the home and telling you where they live so you can go and take your child. or apprehanding the child and giving her to you. perhaps they have no power to intervene.

so why don't you hire a private investigator to spy at the school to figure out where your kids live and why don't you file an emergency motion asking for police assistance clause? the police know where she lives, she's obviously burdened your child to take sides. mother is obviously not fit and in contempt of a court order. if I was the judge I would order supervised access to mom until child got re united with you as well as find the school board in contempt. but you need to plan plan plan and act fast. the longer this takes the greater the chance your child will be fully alienated.
I am unsure as to how the principal allowed her to be enrolled. I just know that she is enrolled.
CAS and police to not deem my ex's living arrangements to be dangerous for a child to be living there, and without court direction to apprehend our daughter they are unwilling to do anything except a "welfare" check.
None of this makes alot of sense, but I do remember the judge giving my ex a stern warning that it would not be advisable if she decided to not return our daughter. I am hoping because we are in front of the same judge that it will be helpful. I did apply for an emergency motion Monday and was unsuccessful, because Police and CAS did not deem our daughter to be in imminent danger.
As for hiring a private investigator, I would not really gain anything at this point from knowing exactly where she lives. Her withholding that info from me makes her essentially hiding.
Police spoke to me today, and oddly enough informed me that if I went to her school and picked our daughter up without moms consent, that there would be a very large police investigation into myself...
So I think it best to wait until the 9th and hope for the best. It is such a messed up situation in so many ways that a parent is allowed to basically go completely against a court order, change a kids schools and move a kid and nobody can do anything.
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