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Originally Posted by HammerDad View Post
I would go over the principles head and go straight to the School Board. The principle seems to have no issue with being in contempt, same with your ex.

Document, document, document. I assume you are emailing your ex requesting that she return the child to you per the court order? I assume you or your lawyer has also sent such a letter to her lawyer? You need to be on her lawyer, as they may need to educate the ex about why this looks really bad on them.

Part of me says go to the school, bringing the court order and the police. But a bigger part of me says that is a bad idea, and will only upset the child. Not sure what can be done as it doesn't look like anyone is willing to do their job.
Everything is documented, from the time I went to police Sunday night when we were first informed that my ex would not be returning our daughter as per the court order.

The principal at our daughters "burlington" school phoned the police about the matter, and they in turn phoned me to let me know that my daughter is safe, but they said that if I were to pick up our daughter from school that a larger police investigation would happen.
I just don't get any of this anymore.
I am just praying that when we go in front of the Judge on the 9th that they see the situation for what it is.
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