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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
there are very pleasant single moms out there but there is always the ones that badmouths and aleinates dad and screws around with his access and just uses him for money.

why do some single moms act in this way? what motivates them to do so? what makes them feel they own you and your life?

i personally think it's a power thing by controlling women. in my case. former spouse has asked our kid who the boss is and thought our 5 year old child that daddee is a yukee and disgusting word..

I just dont understand.. are they just simple trashy people who hve the nervea to screw over other peoples lives in attempts to boost their self esteem? is it a personality disorder?
It's not a personality disorder (most the time). It's self-entitlement and an inability to look through an objective lens. No matter how much the children love their father, the mothers subjective feelings about him will often times diminish (or delete completely) any good qualities about him...including his parenting.

If a spouse cheats, works too much, perhaps a few verbal arguments, KNOWS she can get back at him in other ways. There is a system built just for this type of's called family law.

Once time passes and the mother realizes that she's actually hurting the kid by trying to erase dad it's usually too late. Dad has lost that bond, status quo has been achieved and many times the child has been successfully alienated and doesn't want to see the other parent.

This is why 50/50 HAS to be the default (in the absence of abuse, addictions, etc). Because warring spouses are NOT qualified to effectively rate the parenting of their ex and deny access. (Playing GOD when you're mad). This brutal game of revenge hurts the kids the most.
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