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Default what motivates some single moms to be so evil

there are very pleasant single moms out there but there is always the ones that badmouths and aleinates dad and screws around with his access and just uses him for money.

why do some single moms act in this way? what motivates them to do so? what makes them feel they own you and your life?

i personally think it's a power thing by controlling women. in my case. former spouse has asked our kid who the boss is at an exchange after obtaining sole custody.

I just dont understand.. are they just simple trashy people who hve the nerves to screw over other peoples lives in attempts to boost their self esteem? is it a personality disorder? do they hate you that much that they want your kids to also hate you? is it maybe a revenge thing? do they just simple enjoy having their former partner or spouse under their thumb? are they psychopaths ? what's wrong with these specific single moms?

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