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I saw a video that most interpreted as "funny" on facebook yesterday. It was of a girl coming beside a guy at a bar and sucker punching him in the jaw. The guy dropped to the ground and everybody started high fiving her. Turns out it was a dare.
The guy who was punched was in the comments section being called a p*&&y and he police laughed it off, saying he should go to the gym more. The girl is now a local celebrity. getting high fives wherever she goes for being tough.

7 or so years ago my friend was in an abusive relationship. She burned a cigarette butt on his arm in his sleep, often tried to strangle him when there was nothing physical going on and much more. We were at a restaurant one night and she got mad at him for wanting to leave and gave him a black eye...I watched it. My buddy was so embarrassed he started to tear up. They broke up that night. A waitress who observed everything called the police.

I couldn't believe my eyes when the police had a belly laugh over the black eye. He patted my buddy on the back, said "tough night huh buddy"? Had a tiny convo with his g/f with a half smile then left.

If this were a man sucker punching, burning with cigarettes, strangling women .. things would go down so much differently.

I believe in the word "equality"...but in all senses of the word. Things need to change.