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Originally Posted by Lehatteau View Post
I just called a shelter in my area, they connected me to a woman who provides support for women that don't live there, and advised me they're currently full but to call back every few days in case something opens up. Thank you.
Holy wtf? A shelter told you to wait a few days? That's like getting put on hold when you dial 911. Ridiculous.

Is there anyone you could stay with temporarily? You really need to get out of there. At least put a plan together...because you and your children shouldn't be there at all...especially if your spouse gets wind that you're seeing a lawyer. Things tend to get heated very quickly in these situations...even not considering these factors.

I cannot stress to you enough the urgency of you leaving.

By the way, the police response doesn't make any sense. When you call for a domestic violence claim, they're just supposed to investigate. I don't understand what is going on. I'd call again...and then if you don't get a response, call the police in the next town over.