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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
You may want to speak to a lawyer first. Get a half hour free consultation and go from there. You would probably qualify for legal aid.

Change all your passwords or set up new accounts and clear your browser history. Use the library if possible.

If things get unbearable, you may need to pay a visit to the shelter.

Start reporting the instances of abuse to the police.
Thank you, I just called one today, his office says they don't know my ex personally or professionally. I meet with him in a few days. Should I prepare a summary like this one for him? I've taken photos so I guess I'll have them cleaned and placed in storage until its time.

I've called the police several times, the last time I called they told me I had no business calling them because It's his house and he played a video of him and my youngest daughter at the computer (He told them he does not interact with me but that he's just there to tutor his daughter), they sided with him and said nothing that he was doing was criminal and asked me why I didn't just pick up and move to a shelter.. (the Female officer) It's like the moment they discovered he was lawyer their tone changed.