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Default Offset CS when she stopped working

In 2011 when we divorced my ex was working a government job making $50k/yr. We have shared custody of B8 and been doing offset CS recalculated each year.

In 2015 she decided to quit her job to run a home daycare to save on daycare costs for her 3x children. Once the youngest registered for JK in Sept 2015, she quit her home daycare job in early 2016. She couldn't find a job, so did some self employment cleaning of houses. She missed a month of work for having shingles in Sept and went back to cleaning houses afterwards.

Her income for 2016 was $4000. She wrote off $12,000 (line 162) of income for business expenses.

She wants full CS of $750 a month for this year. I think imputing a $40k income would be reasonable doing $425/mo.

Thoughts? Would a judge likely impute a $40k income?
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