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I don't think it's 95 days. I think he was saying 95%.

In another thread you said your ex caved and let you keep the school zone and that you would have 50/50 custody. You seemed pretty sure that she wouldn't be able to get him to school in the winter and you would be able to gain full custody because of that.

I was confused by your post at first, and in reading your other posts on other threads. Was thinking I had no idea that Iceberg is ill (possibly mental illness) and has issues with his ex having sex with her bf while the child is in her home. I then realized there are 2 forum users here with the same name.

Back to your issue at hand. Not sending your child to school is huge in the courts eyes. Your only defence is that your illness prevented you from getting the child to school. You will likely lose custody and school district.

I think you should consider agreeing to a custody arrangement that puts the child in Mom's district.
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