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Originally Posted by The-Iceberg View Post
she said I am not able to care for the child.
Getting the child to school is a key part of taking care of the child.

I am not going to let that happen.....if I can.
Why not? You said your illness is "subsiding", that means that it is still around. You are a risk to your child's future. Let it happen. Not everyone can be a good parent.

Imagine you said "I'm sick so my kid has missed eating, A LOT." Would that be acceptable? School is not much different.

Any idea on what to do, what to say in court once she files?
"On consent, I agree with the mother's motion"

...that said, if you actually intend to fight this, then I think you need to hire somebody to bring the kid to school in the morning. That solves the problem completely. I'm actually surprised that you haven't done this already. If you can't bring the kid to school yourself, then you hire somebody to bring the kid to school.

Much like I work, so I can't bring the kid to school, so I pay somebody to bring my kid to school. This isn't a tricky situation, you are making something out of nothing.

Then you can stand up in court and say "Last year was terrible, but I have hired somebody and therefore this will never happen again. Due to stability for the child, status quo, etc etc nothing should change".
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