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I do ignore him
Yes he threatens..calling CAS, taking me to court. I still don't answer. CAS is well aware of the situation and it is documented
We have 2 court orders and 2 mediated agreements that continue to get further into detail as to how communications are handled. He does not follow them even when reminded.

I never said he was controlling me. He is attempting to. Yes I am a true ex victim of domestic violence. Would you like to see the proof too?
He has already reported the past 2 medical professionals she has seen for this type. For no valid reason. Switching to a new one is not going to end his vindictive streak, it will put someone else's business at risk. And taking her without his agreement is going to cause me trouble in court regardless of the fact I have medical custody.

I have not gone to the police yet. I am asking for advice before I decide what to do
I have already tried:
👉Court orders
👉Parental counselling together (last year)
👉Warnings from CAS
👉A lawyer letter
👉ignoring him
👉Responding only to child concerned matters
👉Blocking him from my social media

Please provide actual advice if you have some that has not already been tried. I'm not looking for sympathy, nor am I putting my history out there for everyone to nitpick through. It doesn't matter.
How do I deal with a conflict causing ex who continues search for anything and everything he can use against me and is preventing the kid from seeing a medical professional?

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