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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Why don't you just ignore him? I only read text messages from the other parent when I feel like it. If it's an emergency, then she can call me and leave a voicemail. Like seriously. What if I'm having sex when she's trying to get a hold of me? I just let her text away and it always gives me a good laugh after too, I don't think she realizes that she'f often talking to her self.

That being said, when non urgent things require a response, I just shoot an email and check back again after a couple of days, if I feel like it. There are times I have used texting for emergency situations, but then again, it is usually
handled by a phone call.

What sorts of things is he sending to you and your family on social media? Do you have those saved? That could be your potential evidence. f you are a true victim, and he's sending you things like you worthless peice of crap, you fuki*n.. harassing you in the same way online "If you don't return my call then I'm going to come and kill you. " then yeah.. call the police. Just remember that if you can't prove it, then it didn't happen and you're just trying to use it to your advantage before you go to court. Unless they are really that bad, I would just ignore. Heck forward them to your new partner and laugh your asses off together the next time you hang out. If they're rude, just slap them on your exhibits and put it in front of the judge.

Calling the police to allege criminal harassment/threats, etc could potentially backfire on you. It did on my ex when she tried to pull that. No charges were laid and the police just concluded that my communications were all regarding our child as she was denying me access. The clause regarding this incident is my Fav one and I use it in almost all of my motions and conferences. It's helped me out every time. Yes, she ran off to court on a legal aid certificate crying "I'm a victim of domestic violence! he did this, and he did that, he's so abusive to me, I was too afraid to call the police! - meanwhile there are numerous calls to the police all unfounded allegations. It's indeed very unfortunate that people like my ex ruin it for people like you.

As per the medical issues, I'm not an expert in that area, but if I know that he has a right to access information from those professionals and he also has a right to complain. I would 2nd Taykens suggestion here , but first, you might want to try changing the professionals. When you do so, seek input from the other parent. If he does this again with the new professionals you BOTH selected together, then you could try to cut his access out.

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