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You were not deliberately misconstrued. What you wrote was unclear and *looked* like it was placing blame on victims.
It is not the readers fault of your words are not clear. Take responsibility for your miscommunication (if it was one) and restate. You may even want to apologize if that is in you.
FYI..saying you have a cousin who was abused (and ompluing that means you couldnt be judgemental) is like claiming you couldn't be discriminatory because you have a black friend. .

Now that I have your attention...I can't block the phone number of my child's father.
1. Emergency situations. How is he to get a hold of me if he is blocked (or vice versa)
2. There are court orders that require us to communicate. We have 50/50 access.
3. Stop making this a black and white issue. It isn't. When children are involved it NEVER is.

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