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Originally Posted by Berner_Faith View Post
Janus, while I agree there are some that may use domestic violence as a way to gain custody by lying about what happened, there are many victims that do not step forward and report because of the stigma around domestic violence and because people like you like to down okay what actually happened.
I agree. I think I am being deliberately misconstrued here. Real victims deserve support. Real victims are hurt when fake victims go to the police with fake claims.

Telling somebody who is getting mean texts to go to the police is ridiculous. Just block the number, problem solved. If the person tries to get around the block then you can hit up the police, but as a first resort? Nonsense.

I tried to use an analogy with fathers who don't want custody. Every time a father tries to get more time with the kids to pay less support, it hurts other fathers who want more time with the kids because they actually want more time with the kids.

Was my point to subtle to understand?

Many women and children are stuck in abusive relationship because they do not feel like reporting the violence will do any good and if they do report they are often shrugged off.
Many men are stuck in an abusive relationship, and even when they do report it they are often shrugged off. If the world were full of honest people, it would be a much better place.

Trials would be a lot shorter too.

I truly hope no one in your family has to be subjecting to domestic violence because if they do how can they ever report the abuse if they know even their own family won't support them? Domestic abuse is real whether you want to believe it or not.
My male cousin was abused in a relationship (physical and financial abuse). He reported it to the police. Nothing happened. They told him to get a divorce.
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