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Originally Posted by Pursuinghappiness View Post
The terms of my SA is a signed court order and clearly specifies that my ex is to provide medical benefits to our daughter.

I won't be sending any bills because he'd just ignore it...we don't communicate at all.
Then he's likely in contempt.

The no communication part is problematic as there could have been changes to his benefits (provider changed, etc) that he's not communicating with you.

You could just pull the trigger and file your contempt motion hoping he's done something intentional but I think it always looks good on you to try to be civil.

You could contact him directly. Don't worry about him ignoring your communications or blasting you with something rude. That's what you want, it would likely only help you in your motion.

If you guys don't communicate for good reason then probably best to have your lawyer send out with prejudice fax/mail/email with the bill to show the incurred expense and see what's going on with the benefits, threatening and moving forward with a contempt motion as necessary.

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