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Originally Posted by Pursuinghappiness View Post
So case conference last week...and on consent I now have sole custody, primary residency and full-table CS since my ex no longer sees or contacts our kid. However, I went to fill a prescription for her this weekend and found out that he's dropped her off all medical benefits which is covered in our SA. So of course, I had to pay the full cost for the medication she needed.

I'm going to ask my lawyer to send a letter telling him to reinstate benefits and provide me with proof or I'm filing a motion and asking for full costs but is there something else I should/could do? I'm so irritated right now because I was just in court last week.

It just never ends.
Not sure how much credit is given to the SA but if there is a court order that he's to keep valid insurance benefits for child then he's in contempt. You could file a motion to find him in contempt.

If he's to contribute to medical expenses then just send him the reciept. if he doesn't reimbirse you file the motion and seek those medical expenses and legal costs. I would send him the reciept and ask for a reimbursement regardless.

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