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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
...and I do not find this remark surprising coming from Janus.
If you are referring to the gendered language, I was considering real female victims. Women who cry wolf don't cause an issue for men who make complaints, much like men who reject custody don't cause a problem for women who are trying to get custody.

Prohibited conduct
Quoting the law, as if that is some sacred bible of righteousness?

Hopefully you don't paint your wooden ladder. In Alberta, it's the law!

Meanwhile, here in Toronto I had better not swear in a public park, it's the law!

Anyhow, I've changed my mind. Every woman should complain to the police if there is the faintest possibility of violence. Hint: If you are female, and you have lived with a male, then there is a possibility of violence. Therefore, every woman should have a chat with the police. Kinda like a real life DoS attack. Some innocent victims might get hurt, but better safe than sorry.
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