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There was a restraining order initially when we separated. Yes he physically assaulted me. I did not go to the police. I was scared and did not know what to do and all I wanted was to pick up my daughter (who was with famuly). I went to my doctor, women's shelter and the court has the photos of the injuries in the file.

While I do not expect he will physically assault me again (I only meet him in public places), he is following me online despite being warned by CAS to stop. He is texting me and emailing me despite the agreement we both signed. He is asking my kid questions about my life, she is providing him information because she is scared what he will do if she does not.
*if* I went to the police it would not being crying wolf. To insinuate that verbal, emotional and mental abuse and manipulation is anything less damaging than physical abuse is archaic.
And if you had ever been through that type of abuse, or were a professional who helps victims heal through those situations like I do, you would know that mental and emotional abuse is much more traumatic and the effects go much deeper.

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