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With to regards to harassment you might want to go to your local police department and have a chat with them:

Ontario Provincial Police

"...Physically violent stalkers, according to the results of a 2008 study comparing violent and non-violent stalkers in Canada, are more likely to:

-have a strong previous emotional attachment to the victim
-exhibit an intense obsession with, or fixation on, the victim, resulting in more frequent contact and more persistent harassment
-harbour a higher degree of negative emotion toward the victim, manifested by outbursts of anger, jealousy and hatred
-verbally threaten the victim
-have a history of domestic abuse toward the victim

The underlying motivations appear to be insecurity, anger, vengeance, emotional arousal and projection of blame. It would seem that the extent of emotional attachment between the victim and the perpetrator may be crucial to understanding stalker conduct. The study concluded that the above factors are much more accurate predictors of violence than the presence of mental illness or a personality disorder, a prior criminal record, or a history of substance abuse."


"...The definitions of cyberbullying (online bullying) and online harassment overlap one another and some situations that are labelled cyberbullying may also be criminal harassment under section 264 of the Criminal Code..."

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