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Originally Posted by Gilligan View Post
Thanks for all the feedback. I do agree that it is unlikely to have any income adjusted in there is a doctors note and if she is receiving LTD. I've requested pertinent information (evidence of her medical condition, etc...) which I think would be required disclosure. But, I've agreed to adjust it on the basis that everything is in order.

My experience so far hasn't been exactly what I expected with regards to us both having a responsibility to support our children (joint custody - 50/50 schedule). Seems that the distinction is support payor and support recipient.

I don't think there is much opportunity to negotiate this matter unfortunately. My ex has been very litigious so far, and refuses to abide by the court order unless it's in her favour for items like Section 7 expenses, schedule, etc... i've concluded that there is little to gain by litigating these matters as the behaviour isn't likely to change.
I wouldn't be agreeing to the change before you receive satisfactory documentation. Are you in FRO? if you weren't you can reduce the child support payment to cover her portion of Section 7. If you are in FRO, then you need to make it clear to FRO that both of you are support recipients, if the person qualks out this, take it up the chain and make a complaint higher up and have someone else assigned to your file. You just have to keep pushing until they listen. Take it to your mpp if you have to. If FRO won't adjust to cover section 7 then, again complain up the chain.
Lastly if you have the children 50% of the time and if you have two or more children, both of you should be claiming one of the children each as a equivalent to spouse. And wither you have 1 or more children, revenue Canada should be giving you half of the tax credit. Again they will likely push back, provide orders detailing access, and take it to your mpp if they won't listen.

My ex was reassessed back 2 - 3 years and I received a large payday from the government after I got my mpp involved. My ex now understands that I won't sit idlely back and that things will happen fairly with or without her support. Because she won't agree to write a letter, revenue canada went back 3 years, 1 1/2 since separation and 1 1/2 getting them to listen and corrected it back all the way. As I had documentation of 3 years of equal shared parenting.
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