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She goes to a daycare after school until one of us picks her up. She's gone there for all this time so habit to call it daycare.

I am not overcommunicating. 6 emails today and I only responded to the first one. That is pretty normal. He complains about not getting Tupperware back right away, calls me about not having any clothing for her (though it is 50/50 and he didn't buy her any), and he tells CAS I don't feed her properly. He complains to CAS about all this small things, texts me at all hours of the day and night reminding me of every time something was not to his liking. Honestly it wouldn't matter if I met every single one of his requirements, he would find something else that I did "wrong".

As for stopping me from going to a specialist, it is all the harassment, texting, phone calls, berating the child, complaining to CAS and threatening court. Legally he cannot stop me. The child asked him herself if she could go (without me knowing) He made so many stipulations and had her sneak a business card from the office when we went to my appointment so she could report it to him. Even though she was NOT a patient herself.
I know it sounds ridiculous. Because it is. Welcome to my nightmare

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