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Thanks for all the feedback. I do agree that it is unlikely to have any income adjusted in there is a doctors note and if she is receiving LTD. I've requested pertinent information (evidence of her medical condition, etc...) which I think would be required disclosure. But, I've agreed to adjust it on the basis that everything is in order.

My experience so far hasn't been exactly what I expected with regards to us both having a responsibility to support our children (joint custody - 50/50 schedule). Seems that the distinction is support payor and support recipient.

I don't think there is much opportunity to negotiate this matter unfortunately. My ex has been very litigious so far, and refuses to abide by the court order unless it's in her favour for items like Section 7 expenses, schedule, etc... i've concluded that there is little to gain by litigating these matters as the behaviour isn't likely to change.
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