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Originally Posted by billiechic View Post
As for social media, he is investigating family business. My business, and my sister's. I cannot block him from websites.
He has found out the name of a friend my daughter and I spent time with and the only way would have been through questioning her. He then took the phone from her and started screaming at me about "who is this guy ____? Our court order says you have to tell me about the men you are dating ".
This is way over the top. Of course a court would never put that in an order. And the guy is only a friend! Lol.
I just want to know what my options are. He is spiralling out of control, digging for every "mistake" I have made in 8 years and continuously throwing them at me and threatening. I am a great mom, I've made a few mistakes though. And if I wanted to stoop low and play his game I could name a hundred he has made. But I won't. I just want this to stop. And it looks like court or some restraining order or peace bond is my last resort.
Any more advice? Please 😣😜

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You should look into having your sister obtain a peace bond as well, along with anyone subjected to his harassment. You and your sister (business owners) can report his activities to the police. Be sure to ask for the file number.

Finally, make sure you have a good security system which is armed at all times. Your child can have his/her own code.
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