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I get that the professional boards will not likely do anything. It is however a problem. He is threatening them and causing them trouble. It's a pattern. A way of threatening and manipulating me.

The day care has allowed him into the file. I saw it today too and they have discarded all of the previous documentation except the latest forms. And because he has not bothered to even look at the file in over 3 years, his signature is not on any forms. This was a mistake with the daycare discarding previous documents, including a copy of our court order, and his negligence in not updating the file and making address changes. He has a right to see his child's daycare file.

CAS is monitoring due to the high conflict. They are aware of his pattern of instigating conflict, and involving the child. Until however she shows up with physical harm, they have said there is nothing they can do. He has physically harmed her in the past, but they dismissed it as the child changed her story the 4th time she told it (when father was present).

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