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your post doesn't make sense to me in some places.

I wouldn't worry about your ex going after a doctor (assume) by way of reporting to professional association. That is what the board is there for and they are quite well equipped to investigate his allegations.

You say he is digging through someone's office records? Who would let him do this? Certainly not a doctor.

Is your child on a special diet prescribed by a medical professional?

Why is CAS monitoring you every month ?

You can go to court any time you want and try to obtain a restraining order. You could look into a peace bond which you can obtain yourself. Be aware, however, that they usually go both ways and this can affect drop off/pick up activity (if the two of you have to stay away from each other).

I am not a social media-type person so I can't advise on that. Surely there is a way to block him... can your family and friends also not block him?
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