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I would be requesting documentation on LTD and it's benefits. Even on LTD one is still responsible for financially supporting their children.

Look at from this point of view. Right now you are both payors and payees of child support. If you had your children 100% and your ex went on LTD, then what. Answer that and you will get your answer. The point of the offset is not to reduce ones support obligations but to recognize that both parents need to financial support the children.

Things to look into:
Is the LTD tax deducible? If she paid into it while working then the LTD income in non tax deducible as a result what does $40,000 of LTD (non tax) equate to in an income which is tax deductible? $60,000??? do the math.
If it is LTD which is deducible (more rare) then the amount is the amount whihc should be used to generate the table.

What are the conditions of the LTD, can she work in another position. One who works as a 911 operator can go on LTD for stress related reasons, but that doesn't stop them from then getting a job coaching meditation. They will still collect LTD.

Request and collect all the evidence you can get your hands on, it'll only help you to make a more informed decision.
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