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Default How far is too far? Harassment?

High conflict situation. 50/50 time split with shared custody. I have medical custody.
2 final court orders on consent.
2 mediated agreements not being followed.
Ex has treated and reported 2 medical professional our child has seen to their boards. He has reported me to my professional board. He is now asking for the licence of yet another professional she was treated by over 3 years ago. This person is no longer practicing (due to injury)
For each I have informed him before having her treated, he has signed consent where required and then filed complaints after. He refused to let me take her to a referred professional a month ago, and based on his previous behaviour I will not risk that professionals reputation by taking her and having him report her.
He is now digging through childcare records in their office claiming I did not get his permission on this form and that one. He is claiming out of date records that he neglected to update himself for 3 years. He sees them 3 days a week and pays them directly. His signature and info is on many forms and updates to his info are his responsibility.
He is violating our communication agreement texting me and threatening court action several times a day 2 to 3 days a week.
CAS has been involved over a year on a monthly monitoring. He calls them at least twice a week to report some wrongdoing. The last visit the CAS made not of whether I had fruit on the counter. I didn't do the shopping until the next day and told them so.
At what point and by what argument can I stop this? What constitutes harassment or stalking (because he is all over my social media and my families) and even reporting all this to my child.
At what point can I ask for a restraining order? What are my options
I am so tired of this it's been 8 years

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