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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
It is difficult to deal with people who have a welfare mentality. You aren't going to change them but you can certainly draw a line in the sand and stand up for yourself.

I would most definitely request documentation. A "doctor's note" may satisfy overworked welfare case managers but it may not pass scrutiny of a judge. My ex had plenty of "doctor's notes" and he was pretty much laughed out of the court room each and every time. I would therefore recommend that you get the documentation. You never know if/when it may come in hand in the future, even if you decide to not use it at this time.

A "doctor's note" from a general practitioner is easily argued in court. The family doctor is not a specialist. A letter/report from a specialist is typically generated after specialist has received results from laboratory testing. Unfortunately there are many prescription-happy doctor's out there who simply sign notes for people so they can get government assistance.

Perhaps merely requesting the medical documentation will convey a message to your ex that you aren't a sap. This is one instance where paying a lawyer to send out a simple letter might prove to be beneficial.

I have to say, however, that you went along with this scam in your marriage. It would not serve you very well if you were to state that you stood idly by while your then-spouse milked the system.

I agree with this however this isn't just her being put off work and an employer following Drs orders... if she is receiving LTD then she would require more than a Drs note. He can try to argue but LTD is different than welfare... welfare they often just don't want to work, LTD is where they can't work... there is a difference

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