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Family court does not cause someone to murder their children no more than a doctor causes you to die. What I'm saying is that family court ignores evidence of actual risk factors predictive of domestic homicide due to the ignorance of judges, lawyers, OCL's and parenting assessor. All because they are not educated in regards to domestic violence. Yes there are a vast amount of false allegations flying but that is no excuse for them to paint everybody with that brush. Especially when there are very specific risk factors involved with domestic homicide. Studies after the fact have identified these factors and identified that judges and court professionals have ignored them. These risk factors are not present in cases if false allegations.
If a medical doctor can be sued or held accountable for poor judgement when treating you with the result of harm or death to you, why can't judges be held accountable?
Ignorance is no excuse for disobeying the law, therefor judicial ignorance of the risk factors in domestic homicide should be no excuse for making orders that result in removing controls that allow a high risk litigant to harm their spouse or children.

In these instances judges, like doctors should bare some of the blame for the consequences due to the exercising of poor judgement which resulted in harm.
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