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Yea, just fill out the financial statement accordingly, reflecting any financial changes from last time. This is separate from a brief. (I'll help you with your brief).

I'm a good father who wants to be with his children. There seems to be a reoccurring theme with mothers not allowing children to be with fathers. These "mothers" claim that the only reasons dads want their children is not to have a pay support. I call BS!!!
Yup. Some parents are good at reverse psychology. "You only want access so you don't have to pay"...when really it's..."I don't want to give you more access or I'll lose money".

This becomes VERY evident with parents who won't even allow a 5% increase to the 40% threshold ... they lose money at the 40% threshold. Luckily, judges catch on. All this gross money nonsense will be improved when 50/50 equal parenting is it should be.

But you'll find a lot of that on this site buddy ... dad's only want to see kids for financial reasons...never because they love their children and feel it would be in their best interests .. .that's just unheard of. lol

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