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The short answer is yes you do. A new Financial Statement has to be filed whenever there is a change in financial circumstances .. or there is a court date coming up where finances will be discussed.

But this won't be such a bad thing for you. You will be able to Illustrate what her thirst for court has been doing to you financially.

Regarding her parents looking after the kids....the parent should have first dibs on this. (So you should be able to see your kids before her parents)

She has denied you any increases in access and I believe a judge told her that a Material Change in Circumstance would be if her parents grew ill and she had to find a sitter. I believe they did fall ill and your ex actually was on a search for a nanny. Now she's forcing her ill parents to care for the child again.... Not to fair for her ill parents just for a court tactic ... but what are you going to do.

YOU'RE still the come before grandparents ... period.
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