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Originally Posted by Berner_Faith View Post
If you have a 1/1/1/1/3 schedule he already has shared parenting... I don't understand how going to 2/2/3 is now giving him 61% of the time? The only reason you seem to have is your work schedule which I can understand. If you have to put them in a sitter for work purposes he has to share in that cost. I think he would be hard pressed to get the change in schedule but I still think he would get PD Days. My husband has EOW and some PD Days fall on his weekend and some on hers. It's just how it goes. You want Fridays because you are off but he also wants Fridays because he has the option to be off or work from home.

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Going to a 2/2/3 will give him 50% of the time, or the same amount of time he currently has with the 1/1/1/1/3. Changing to a 2/2/3 will give him 61% time when he calls the school and prevents the babysitter from pickup every Wed and does it himself and keeps the kids when I am at work thus giving him a 3/1/3 schedule every week, or 61%. Once that happens and a status quo is a achieved, he would file for support to change accordingly.

I offered half the PD Days on his weekends and he declined, not compromising demanding all. I don't have the option to be off work Mon/Tue/Wed. He does. He works M-F 9-5 flexible hours and can come/go as he pleases and work from home if he desires. So if the kids are with me Friday, why not book a Mon, Tue or Wed off work while they are in daycare and spend those days with the kids?
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