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Originally Posted by SuzieSunshine View Post
I disagree. Courts care vastly on peoples work schedules. Courts create week on/off schedules for nurses or firefighters that work shifts so that the kids spend as much time as possible with both parents. Courts realize that people don't set their working hours and can't tell employers the can't work the required hours because a court order could care less.

I agree, the kids shouldn't be in daycare when the other parent is available. But why change the schedule? We signed an agreement not even two years ago with a 1/1/1/3. There is no material change in circumstance to warrant changing to a 2/2/5/5.

The issue is what's best for the kids. They have a set routine, they are happy and healthy and the schedule has been created by a mediator from the children's office who specializes in just that.

Again, I would have no problem changing if I didn't have to work evenings. I do however disagree that decreasing time with one parent to increase time with the other parent is not in the best interest of the kids. This is why I agreed to an equal evening and weekend schedule when we signed the agreement. I agreed this was best for the kids to have two parents spending as much contact with the kids.

What I don't agree with is decreasing or changing my time just because he wants more time for himself. If a court would really order this, tons of parents would take their cases to court just to change time with no reason to go from Wed+EOW to 50/50 to 60/40, to 100%.

The issue with agreeing to his schedule change so he is 61/39% is that it is not in the best interest of the children that we change their schedule because there is no reason to do just that. Decreasing time with one parent would not benefit the children when we already share the evenings equally.
So he was not even 50/50 before and now he is asking to go to 61/39 with you needing to forfeit some of your days to achieve this? And there has not been a change in anyone's life to warrant this? And the kids are happy, healthy, thriving?.....I would say he has a majorly uphill battle.
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