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Originally Posted by SuzieSunshine View Post
Yes I agree with you. I have offered since all the PD Days are on his weekends I offered to share them. He declined my offer to share them demanding 100%.

My work schedule prevents me from doing a 2/2//3/3 schedule. I work set evenings 2 days a week until after 8pm. This is why we couldn't work this out. He wants to do his schedule and have the kids with a babysitter the one evening a week I work and me to pay 100% for it. Or he will just take them the evening I work so he has 3 days a week and EOW, or 64% threshold aka full support from me.
The courts could care less about your work schedule. Why should these young children be in daycare or with someone other than parents these days of the week until passed their bedtime when they could be with their father?

What's the issue with allowing the father to look after the kids while you work late into the evenings, and paying the dad full child support ?
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