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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
You pay a retainer (let's say 5,000.00 for example). You sign a retainer agreement which sets out the arrangement in great detail.

You ask for a monthly invoice. Many people do not do this. The monthly invoice has a break-down of costs. You will see very clearly of how much it costs each and every time you phone/email or meet with your lawyer. You will see how much it costs for the lawyer to send and receive communication on your behalf. After receiving your first invoice you can extrapolate the amounts and get a fairly good idea of how much the matter is likely to cost you. Of course, you have already set out a "plan of action(s)" with your lawyer.

At this point you make the decision to carry on with this lawyer or hire another one. If you decide to dismiss the lawyer, you will receive a final invoice/statement and if there is money left over from your $5,000.00 (how many times did you call/meet with your lawyer?) you will receive a refund.

I do not see any mystery in this process at all. If client wants to micro-manage the lawyer then the costs will be reflected on the bill.

If I were a lawyer I would never agree to a set amount to take a matter through trial. There are too many unknowns (client or client's ex may be suffering from mental health issues - to just name one).

I'd recommend retaining a lawyer and be as organized as possible. Also helps if one is realistic in expectations.
I decided I was going to un-ignore you. I agree with you here. It is how it is with my present lawyer. Up front lawyer. Honest expectations from the get go, what to expect, what not to expect, best strategy to take, and avoiding telling me what I want to hear or don't want to hear, but rather telling me what a judge would say, etc.

Upfront retainer, monthly invoices, and minimum retainer every month to move forward with.

The previous lawyer didn't even give me a retainer agreement! No terms of the retainer were discussed or agreed upon, a retainer agreement did not exist. The lawyer she just came up with random charges and crap as the case went on. All of sudden a year into the retainer decided to charge me for the time to do dockets and charge me for parking. New lawyer doesn't charge me for any of that crap and even allows me to use his parking whenever I am in the area and need to go somewhere, for free! Every-time I received a bill from the old lawyer I felt like I had received a cellphone bill from Rogers. Like whoa whoa, I don't ever recall signing up for the my5 package.

Being organized definitely helps, a tabbed binder with all your crap, and meeting with the lawyer prepared, notes on everything you want to discuss, taking notes when meeting with the lawyer, etc.

It also helps when the lawyer is organized and doesn't spend hours trying to find documents from your file, while charging you for the time.

You don't want to be this guy with your lawyer, or your contractor:

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