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Originally Posted by Ange71727 View Post
I agree with Peaceful that flexible means sometimes there's give and sometimes there's take. On both sides. As long as you aren't always shooting down his requests and agree once in a while to extend times, delay pickups, etc you are not being inflexible. I have this clause in my agreement too and the ex is also claiming the same stuff about me which my lawyer doesn't seem to be worried about.
Do you have a lawyer yet?
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Yes, lawyer hired and answer being submitted. I agree, flexible is give and take. The problem is he is not flexible. I offer him time as flexible, I ask for Monday morning while he is at work and he refuses, saying daycare is more important and drops the kids off at daycare. I then go over to the daycare, pick them up 5 minutes afterwards and spend the day with them until I go into work Monday evenings.

I offer him time (like his birthday) two years running that he declines to see the kids on that day. I do offer some PD Days and March Break time to be flexible.
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