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Originally Posted by OrleansLawyer View Post
Do you mean the part where the Small Claims docket is filled with people suing their contractors for not doing the work? Or limited retainers?
Neither really. Just a generalized statement. But to your question, lawyers (not all) accounts get assessed all the time. I could see those lawyers being on the docket list for not doing their work. Allow me to rephrase, if lawyers could set realistic expectations and know how much work is involved and how much it could cost, that would be great, instead of the whole yeah yeah you've got a case and a half $9000 and I'll get you all of this. $35,000 later the lawyer is still running around in circles trying to find her socks. That was just my old lawyer tho, I cut her final account in half. The new lawyers good - he's actually restored my faith in the legal profession.

Good cop, bad cop.

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