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Though it would be nice if Family Law lawyers worked like contractors.
Do you mean the part where the Small Claims docket is filled with people suing their contractors for not doing the work? Or limited retainers?

Would a lawyer accept to take a case to trial and conclusion no matter what on the basis that there is a fixed max reasonable budget (10,000$) but they are obliged to properly represent all the way to a final hearing.
Maybe, depending on:
- the issues/work involved
- if you are willing to leave the running of the case in their hands
- $10k isn't getting you through a trial, but if the number were higher - maybe.

If that is your budget consider trying to settle. Another option would be to find a lawyer who takes legal aid cases and see if they will maintain that rate for trial. You are not going to get the Cadillac but you might find the used Honda runs pretty well. Or is a lemon.
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