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Default What to do? Served papers change 2 years after signed agreement

After being separated for 3 years, kids now D3 and D5 with divorce finalized I have been served with court papers to change my signed agreement of 2 years running. The changes requested are:

1. That I no longer spend PD Days with the kids. Now he does.

2. That I no longer spend every other Friday with the kids from 8am to 5pm. I do not work on Fridays and he does. Instead, he will take vacation days and work from home on Fridays in the summer instead of doing this on Mon, Tue or Wed when I do work.

3. That I cannot change and he must sign off on changes to school, medical providers, counselling or personal services (I assume this means changing their hairdresser?

4. That every other Friday he picks up the kids at school instead of my residence (increasing the time kids are apart from 4 days to 5 days every other week).

5. That their current 50/50 schedule change from a 1/1/1/3 to a 2/2/5/5 even though I work evenings until 8pm the two days the kids are with him. So I would hire a sitter 1 day a week every week at my cost and only see the kids 1 day a week instead of the current 2 days. He would then ask to have the kids that day increasing his days from 2 to 3 per week and decreasing my threshold below 40% thus requiring me to pay full child support to him.

6. That we change the agreed 2 non-consecutive weeks’ vacation each year to consecutive because a 3 and 5 year old are old enough to be apart for 18 days a week from either parent.

7. That we define set vacation weeks each year. Mine to be first two weeks in July (when it is cold) and his first two weeks in August (when it is warm). My work seniority is low and vacation selection is often not granted due to coverage purposes.

8. That the court enforce I answer all emails (even if they are inappropriate, harassing, rude or not kid related) within 48 hours of him sending them.

9. That he change from paying full child support to offset child support even though he has met the 40% threshold for two years now.

10. That I attend one-on-one meetings with him instead of with a mediator so he can bully, harass, and pressure me to do things he wants because mediators are not best for the kids and lack progress to give him what he wants.

11. That I pay all costs for these changes because I have refused to agree with him.

My lawyer is set to represent me. Any thoughts on how I should handle his request for changes since there is no material change in circumstance to change anything? Is there a set method to make an offer to settle?
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