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Originally Posted by Stillbreathing View Post
The last judge has wanted us on the trial list 3 trial sittings ago. One of earliest motion judges had wanted us on the trial list 4 years ago! The other side keeps pulling stunt after stunt to delay trial. The judges get mad and huffy but allow the delays. We are on the spring trial list but I have just received word the other side wants to delay...again!
How naive you are! It seems that people still do not understand what is going on in the family courts today.

Look at the quoted situation from a different angle. The main phrase is "allow the delays". Actually, it is a show of three actors for two spectators. The actors (judges & lawyers) are getting money till spectators (clients) are able to pay. It is nothing to do with meaning of justice, the law and your & children's suffering.

As a sample: If you hired a construction guy to build a fence and the construction person took your money and did nothing. Criminal Code of Canada classifies this situation as a fraud.

What are these "actors" now?
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