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You asked how you detach but don't want to hear about how to detach... the truth is you will never detach because you are so obsessed with your case. I'm not saying you are wrong to be obsessing but if it's consuming your life only you can change that. You are letting it consume your life.

No one is saying don't fight for your child but every aspect of your life doesn't have to be about the legal issues going on. When you don't have a letter or something to respond to stop thinking about it. Stop worrying about how going out with your friends might be used against you, stop worrying about missing events with your daughter on your time. Mom dictates everything because you let her. You have scheduled time she cannot tell you what you can and cannot do on your scheduled time.

No one can help you with this until you learn to let go a little bit. It's not easy at all and we often let certain things in life consume us but the reality is you need to let go of you want to detach.

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