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And this is where your issue is: its not that you CAN'T detach, its that you DON'T WANT to detach.

Instead of focusing on your ex and what she has planned/is planning, think about your needs and wants outside of this. You have your child two days a week? What are you doing the other days? Plotting your battle? Planning revenge? Gnashing your teeth? You need to give yourself say 30 mins a day on the days you dont have your kid OR LEGAL REVIEW/WORK and do something you enjoy. Even if its drinking a glass of wine or reading the paper.

Every day dont wake up thinking "what will she do to me today" "how will my child feel without me in her life" and think "oh the weather will be nice, Ill go walk to the park" or something similar.

Whether you want to admit it or not trinton you are allowing yourself to be consumed by this because you are focused on beating/controlling your ex. The moment you approach this as living your life and focusing on your needs and your daughters needs, you will see an opportunity to detach.

You are not a victim and you dont need to "get" your ex. Its a process you are working through to be a part of your childs life. Let the shit with your hatred for your ex go.
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