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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
Maybe being involved daily in a message forum of this nature isn't making it easier for you. You tend to contribute a significant amount. Often, it is better to vertically focus on one's own problem than try to contribute to other threads.

It isn't being selfish at all. You have a real and immediate problem. Resolve that first before venturing out and offering advice beyond your own vertical issues. Ignore the rest maybe?

Makes me feel damn good to look out for fathers that are headed to the same fire pit I'm trying to escape , and to tell off mothers who are trying to throw other father's inside the same fire pits.

sometimes I get very good advice here, and sometimes I get advice that smells worst than a trashcan full of expired fish.

but you are right, being involved daily doesn't help.

You have a real and immediate problem.
That's the biggest part of the problem. The courts don't see it as an immediate problem to order a trial on. It's been going on for way too long. They keep getting me to consent to things hoping I will just "go away" . I don't just "go away". Consent days are over. Nothing is ever getting consented to again unless it has everything in it that I want. I'll fight until I get what I know is best for my child. With every cent, and every dime and nickel to my name.

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