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It's almost impossible to compartmentalize your life into kids or legal focus when going through the painful hell of family court litigation. The litigation is like a black cloud hanging over your head that follows you in the room when your kids are there. It's hard to concentrate on the kids when it's raining on your head.

I have been in this hell now for nearly 6 years. For me, the legal bs was like floating in a wave pool. Your always standing in it and every once in a while the waves start, knocking you off your feet.

Sometimes I just had to pretend that everything was ok when with the kids. Plan your time with them. Try to concentrate on the here and now when you're with them. Emotional pain is associated with time travel. You're either thinking about all the aweful things that have happened or you're worrying about the aweful things that are going to happen. Take a deep breath.
You're a good father because you care enough to make the effort to see your kids. Not all fathers do.

Good luck and stay strong.
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