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Default how do you detach from the legal aspect

I've found myself to be somewhat too attached to the legal aspect. This all started with my old lawyer sending me court documents and asking me to respond to them. trigged a lot of anxiety because a) i'm not a lawyer and b) I don't respond to legal documents.

ended up parting away with that lawyer and have a new lawyer, who looks at things and knows whats up right away.

I still find myself always so caught up in the legal aspects, how the argument would pan out, what she may use against me, what I could use against her, and so on and so forth..

how do you detach yourself from all the legal aspect and just focus on the kids? I mean how can you under a microscope where everything and anything you do counts in your favour or against you ? Especially with the other parent always flaming you when you ask for more time?

How do you build a case to show you're a good parent? I am involved in teh child's schooling, etc.

I think what also contributes is the courts stubbornness of dealing with my proceedings. it is taking too long and the judges are getting irritated by how long it has been taking.
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