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Hahaha...that video is sooo family court! Should be shown to every litigant thinking about going through the courts!

What you said about CAS is so true... and they do actually have time lines ( which are rarely adhered to). For example , a child apprehended at birth is supposed to have had their trial by 18 months so if they are going to be made a crown ward they have the best chance for adoption. Statistically speaking 85% of adoptions are children under the age of 3. After that they have only a slim chance of being adopted.

Also CAS children at age 7 get to decide whether or not they are going to agree to be adopted by a particular family if the opportunity arises. Yet children in non- CAS family court litigation are forced to see a parent who has been criminally convicted of abusing/ assaulting them because it's in their best interest.
Go figure.
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