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I think CAS proceedings should be dealt with the same way as criminal matters. Unless a trial is heard by a certain time, you get your children back. ANd unless they can prove their allegations beyond reasonable doubt, you get your kids back, as well as other options such as diversion, etc but for family matters (such as parenting courses or counselling).

Sometimes family cases need years to get to the bottom of things and establish patterns of alienation ,etc. Othertimes, the prolonged proceedings berry you in financial hells and build a status quo for one parent.

I hope you are aware that there is currently a family law crisis in Canada. The system is brutal and nobody is doing anything about it. It is a multi billion dollar industry. It's a big money scandal. The longer it takes, and the more children and families suffer, the more money lawyers, mediators, therapists, doctors, etc. make. Lawyers love dragging things out to maximize their profit.

When I wanted to be a lawyer when I was younger, I only wanted to be a lawyer to become rich. Money was my primary motivation in wanting to become a lawyer.

I know I went on a bit of a tangent there but our family courts are essentially crap. A family law case should be dealt with within 6 months. Not within a decade.

This is what going to the family courts is like:

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