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Originally Posted by Soiled View Post
I looked at the community bonds aspect of it, and worked at establishing those. My parents are in the town we lives in then, and now. So visits to them became extremely frequent. I enrolled the kids in every program in town I could find. Soccer, dance, playgroups, library activities, there is a crazy amount of stuff when you look for it. It also had the bonus of having them meet lots of friends, going further along that attachment community bond. Not to mention it made it easy to do fun things with the kids when I had them as opposed to them hanging around with a father obsessed with the divorce process and in dark moods, or just in a rut because of it.
The early years is a great place to go for young children. By the time I was at trial I was already a member of the local school council even though my children didn't attend their.
My ex also enrolled the children in her town, her sister was the manager at a YMCA / early years center. In the beginning, during the three weeks I waited to get before the courts I had no contact with the children except for a visit to the early years center there. Her father guarded the door for the 1 hour I had with the children.
Once in front of the judge, the judge reamed my ex out declaring that supervised access is no access and that self help was not helping. He then re established the access they had before.
What I had going for was that we both lived in my town for an extended time, She moved away to her parents. And the time (4 month) was not a status quo. Especially since she told me it was temporary.
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