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Thanks for the compliments folks, I appreciate it, can be a bit nerve wracking to post about some of the hardest times of one's life.

Originally Posted by involveddad75 View Post
My children were not yet in school. So their home town would need to be argued.
I hate the stories like yours involveddad, where the other parent just takes off and you end up at the mercy of the courts which can move so slowly. It was my biggest fear throughout the process.

For the home town Issue, I kind of glossed over that. Neither kid was in school yet either so I had the same issue as you there. With my son born in Ontario, daughter born in Nova Scotia, mother from Quebec, and me from Alberta, it would be hard to argue that they had one established by that point.

I looked at the community bonds aspect of it, and worked at establishing those. My parents are in the town we lives in then, and now. So visits to them became extremely frequent. I enrolled the kids in every program in town I could find. Soccer, dance, playgroups, library activities, there is a crazy amount of stuff when you look for it. It also had the bonus of having them meet lots of friends, going further along that attachment community bond. Not to mention it made it easy to do fun things with the kids when I had them as opposed to them hanging around with a father obsessed with the divorce process and in dark moods, or just in a rut because of it.
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