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Good job Soiled very detailed, and very well thought out.

My case involved mobility and again because I was preemptive in educating myself I understood what to do.
My ex moved "temporarily" 45 minutes away to work on our relationship. We were common law and lived in my house. After 3 months of the 50/50 arrangement, she declared that CAS had called and told her not to return the childs to me. (This was completely false and it was her friend who called CAS)
In total I waited less than 24 hours before starting a application for custody and access in my town court house. Had I waited even a weekend I am sure she would have filed in her town and it would have been heard there.
My children were not yet in school. So their home town would need to be argued. Within one week I brought a urgent motion using reasonable grounds that for a 1 and 3 year old 1 week is a life time. it took 3 weeks for it to be heard, and the justice returned us to the shared parenting schedule we had. My ex's cross motion to have the matter moved to her town (as she didn't have a lawyer willing to travel up to my town and that I had filed out of spite because she was going to do it in her town) was thrown out.
After 1 1/2 years my ex was forced to take the children to the school in my area and thus was forced to move back to my town.
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